Company Profile

"Merepark Homes don't come in standard designs. Each development is designed for its setting and gives the purchaser the chance to exercise their personal choice"

Our Philosophy

Every single detail of a Merepark Home is measured against our continuing goal; to enhance the lives of our purchasers. This is reflected in everything we do, nothing is insignificant. The way we choose the setting of our sites, the high quality of design, materials and finishes, the experience of our contractors and the aftercare service levels. Everything, every aspect of the process is designed to make the purchase of a Merepark Home a rewarding experience and a rewarding investment.

Our finishes are durable, the beautiful form of a Merepark Home has a purpose and whilst beautiful to the eye, the exterior design will last well into the next century. We like to think that a Merepark Home is sculptured to the needs of our purchasers. When we build a home, we take every measure possible to ensure that our purchaser's needs are considered. From the largest to the smallest of detail; this is our philosophy. Only the finest materials are selected and hand-finished by skilled artisans. Our highly trained workforce scrutinise every detail to ensure that we continue to meet the most extreme quality standards.

At Merepark Homes, we have always strived for the best standards and the highest in the industry. By doing so, we deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers. We don't accept anything but the best. We strive for this because we know our customers expect only the very best from a Merepark Home. This is our tradition and has represented our values since 1993, a commitment that has made us the Company we are today and will shape the way we are in the future.
Merepark Homes - the ultimate in modern living.



Merepark Homes takes an important view of sustainability in the selection and design of our developments. It is now more important than ever that business and individual households commit to creating a low carbon economy and looks to alternative sources of energy to meet demand. Merepark Homes strives to cut Co2 emissions from the development programme in a sustainable and responsible way.

Merepark Homes are committed to sustainable development. The new homes we build today are going to be around for many years to come and building a quality home requires respecting the environment. We consider the whole life cycle of development from site preparation, responsible procurement during construction through to how the home operates over the lifetime of the house.

Merepark Homes' developments are designed to ensure that our residents can live as sustainably as possible. Our homes are built with materials with the lowest possible environmental impact, we provide cycle parking so residents can choose more sustainable transport modes, there is dedicated space in all our kitchens for recycling. Merepark Homes ensure our homes use water efficiently and that energy consumption is reduced as far as possible. Energy reduction is achieved through good levels of natural daylight in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, low energy lighting is installed throughout every home and we build to very high standards of insulation to minimise heat loss through walls, windows and roofs. Merepark Homes install renewable energy in our homes which ensure cheaper energy bills for our residents.